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Aims & activities Mebei UK? is a Homeless children and young people home initiative. Which aims at offering quality children empowerment and development programs. The underlying foundation of Mebei UK is based upon the principle of service to humanity, especially to the young who are the foundation for tomorrow. What the charity does Education/training The prevention or relief of poverty Accommodation/housing Religious activities Who the charity helps Children/young people How the charity works Provides buildings/facilities/open space Provides services

About Kidzee Wear

Kidzee Wear is a small-scale, independent clothing brand and online store. We are a team of designers based in Zürich, collaborating closely with a network of hand-picked manufacturers to create the most durable, yet fashionable, clothes and accessories for kids.

Some of the most popular categories in our collection include:


For Boys

T-shirts, Jackets, Pants, Inner wears and much more.


For Girls

Tops, Skirts, Jackets, Accessories and much more.

Kidzee Wear was started by Janne Zimmelmann in 2014, when she was struggling to find the clothes she wanted for her own children.

This personal need led her to start her own brand of durable and fashionable clothes and accessories.

Since then the team has grown to five designers and experienced clothing and fashion professionals.